Thursday, June 9, 2011

$5 Challenge - Are you up to it?

I've started something.  My kids get embarrassed when I talk about it, so where better than to publish it as a blog post, right?  It's called the Five Dollar Challenge!

I've got 5 kids and it's crazy expensive to take my family out to eat, especially when the kids have friends with them.  So... when things are really busy and no one prepared dinner, sometimes we simply need to eat somewhere quick (and cheap).  I came up with a challenge for everyone.  We go to Wendy's and I tell them, "You've got a maximum of $5 - go to town on the value menu but don't go over five bucks!"

It's amazing to see what happens.  They will typically get a sandwich of some sort (or two), fry or potato to go with it, a value drink (or if they're really hungry, just go for the cup of water - thus saving another dollar!), and almost always they add a Frosty for dessert.  Most of the time, they spend four dollars or less.  For those who want to know, my favorite is the doublestack (1.29), small chili (1.49), cup of water (0), and a frosty (0.99) - a meal,with dessert, for $3.77!!!

So you may be thinking - David is really cheap.  Yup.  No argument here!  But I'm also trying to teach my kids to think about how they spend money - especially on dining out, and to realize how much is wasted.  Well, now their friends are getting in on the game.  Recently, my daughter's boyfriend texted her while he was out with another friend. "At Wendy's doing the $5 challenge!"  You know, I'm liking that kid more and more each day!

So what's the point posting this message on this particular blog?  Well, I've noticed something over the past couple of years.  In this tough economy, people have tightened their spending all around.  Churches are struggling with keeping budget due to decreased tithing, missionaries are having a harder time raising funds to go on short term trips, and nonprofit ministries are fighting to stay afloat with lower donations.  YouthReach is not immune to this - a little over a month ago we had to lay off 2 of our US staff members.  We've cut expenses and all programs that were not directly connected with mentoring orphans.

Right now, we're focused on reaching 1,000 orphans with the saving message of hope in Jesus Christ.  We're developing our Russian and Ukrainian Mentors in their spiritual lives, so they are better prepared to lead these  kids toward a relationship with Jesus.  We've got 3 teams overseas at orphanages right now, and 3 more getting ready to head out to mentor the Mentors, and conduct day camps at the orphanages.

We could use your help right now.  We've got over 150 kids in our Orphan Sponsorship program right now without sponsors.  And we're gonna add about 450 kids by the end of the year.

Would you take the Wendy's $5 Challenge with your family, just once or twice each month?  With the money you save, you can afford to sponsor a child in one of our partner orphanages or at-risk programs.  For $39 a month, you can help a Mentor bring the love of Jesus Christ to an orphan in Ukraine or Russia.

I challenge you.  Sponsor a Child Today.  Click here to learn more...

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