Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your Prayers for Traci: The Verdict

Remember that “new normal” we wrote about so often over the last few months?  Well, we’re still figuring out exactly what that fully means but we know for sure it partially means Traci’s body is getting used to all kinds of new realities.  The post cancer/post chemo drugs are forcing a new normal to clash with what used to be normal.  The results of that clash are such that a biopsy was taken today and pathology will be done between now and next Wednesday.  Her doctor was not overly concerned saying this can be normal for pre-menopausal/post breast cancer patients on the drug regiment she is on.  All in all, we are at peace but will be glad to hear for sure mid next week that nothing new on the cancer front is happening.  Traci thanks you all for your prayers and wants you to be at peace about her and her health.  She sure is.  She is actually out walking with some of her teammates tonight as they prepare their team (named “Overcomers”) for the Atlanta Susan G. Komen 3 day Walk for the Cure this coming October 21-23.

You can imagine that we’re a bit “on edge” whenever we hear biopsy and pathology but we don’t regret taking the measures we have and that includes asking you to pray.  A great calm was over us today and remains over us tonight.  We attribute that to your prayers and God’s faithfulness. 

Again, thank you all!

In Him,
Rob, Traci, Benjamin, Nate, Aidan and Anna


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