Friday, April 1, 2011

SERVE Is A Hit In Tomsk!

What an amazing day it has been here in Tomsk.  Nearly 70 business leaders gathered today at the Bon Apart Hotel and Conference Center for Chick-fil- A/YouthReach International’s first ever SERVE Seminar in Tomsk, Russia.  More than 10 Christian leaders from Tomsk have worked for years now with us during summers and special outreaches in Novosibirsk.  We have prayerfully been preparing to launch our mentoring work here in Tomsk during 2011.  This is one of the initiatives helping us to do that as we meet and build vision with leaders from business and communities of faith in this great Siberian city 4 hours northeast of Novosibirsk. 


Below is a picture showing you a new post lunch tradition we have established with our SERVE Seminars.  It’s a light hearted time to show our soft side and embody the value of enthusiasm we think is so important for leaders.  For those of you who have worked in our camps, retreats, and outreaches here in Siberia, you will recognize the activity below as our World Famous, Oft Proven, Scientifically Exact Intelligence Test.  And, as always, they loved it. 



Tomsk, an educational center in Siberia, loved the Intelligence Test and for the most part proved to be as

Intelligent as any city we’ve ever conducted the test in.


We’ve been visited today by the news media (newspaper and television) as well as visitors from France, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, the U.S, and another European country or two.  It’s been everything we had hoped for a year ago when we were invited to come. 


My work begins in earnest tonight as we meet with church leaders to unpack some of these SERVE principles for their churches and then begin casting vision for what the Tomsk Mentoring Network will look like.  It’s an exciting time for our ministry.  Your prayers and encouragement mean so much to us all.


Some have asked so let me say that last night, at 9.45 p.m., 6 of the 8 bags the Americans left the US with on Friday of last week arrived here in Tomsk.  For at least one day, these team members had their own clothes.  It’s been a refreshing blessing at the end of a sometimes challenging week.  The last two bags will arrive from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on Sunday in Novosibirsk where we hope to retrieve them.  Unfortunately, the CFA team will be gone by then.  We’ll deal with “all that” come Sunday. 


Thank you all,

Rob on behalf of the team



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