Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A new prayer request for Traci

Dear friends,


As you all know, we’ve chosen to be and have been blessed by being open and honest the last 8-9 months about Traci’s journey with cancer.  We choose to continue being that way now as we ask you to renew your prayers for us beginning tomorrow.  Traci will have an endometrial biopsy tomorrow at the very same doctor’s office where all of this started last spring with her initial mammogram.  There are some concerns we have become aware of over the last few days and agree with our doctors it is best to be proactive and see exactly what we are dealing with.  Too many details right now might be counterproductive so let us just say, “please pray for us tomorrow at 1.30 p.m. as we go back to where all of this began and try to find out for sure what exactly is going on.”


Feel free to email but please don’t call us.  We’re needing to just be tuned in to each other and to the Lord right now.  Both of those are good places to be for sure.


We’ve said it umpteen times but this will be umpteen +1 – We love you all and cherish like few things on earth the foundation of support you have been to us all.  We humbly as you to renew those prayers for us again. 


Thank you in advance,

Rob and Traci


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