Thursday, February 3, 2011

Update on Traci - The Answer to Radiation (Photo Included)

No, she does not need it.  Three filters we passed this decision through over the last few weeks and all three have now come back no.  The last one was at 9.56 a.m. this morning and oh what a joyful day that did make for us all.


The attached picture shows us much.  First of all, I’m quite comfortable with what a dork I am.  No, really.  I am a dork and I am comfortable with it.  Also, it shows the celebratory mood we were all in tonight at dinner as Traci broke out the post supper sparking grape cider (the good stuff!) to celebrate the good news of the day.  I did not know a non alcoholic drink could elicit such a face.  It also shows us how beautiful Traci is even with all she’s gone through of late.  The woman just glows doesn’t she?  I’m a blessed man.


We had our last visit with our oncologist yesterday.  It was kind of hard to say goodbye.  We felt like clingy patients who could not/would not end it.  We lingered in the examination room, in the hall, at check out and even returned later to ask a question we forgot to ask.  In the end though we finally said goodbye to the people who have held our hands literally on the chemo part of our journey with cancer.  We will miss them but not the chemo.


We also met with Traci’s plastic surgeon yesterday and scheduled her next surgery for February 24.  It is kind of sobering to think again of more surgery, more drugs, more recoup time, and more healing but it’s part of the steps of freedom from the disease and its effects.  We’re glad her outlook is so good though.  It was really hard to retrace steps that we walked together in late August and on the morning of September 7.  There were some tears shed yesterday and memories relived.  We were admitted into the hospital, taken to the pre-op labs, and faced again with the financial reality that all of this care costs a lot.  We determined though that this is just another chance to let God be God.  He’s provided for us thus far.  Why would that change now?


So, that’s where we are.  I apologize for our silence the last few weeks.  Until that last word came back about radiation there just really was not much to say.  Nate, our 9 year old, and I did go to Rome, Italy, two weekends ago for a rite of passage tradition in our family.  When each Browne child turns 9, they get to do a weekend trip with Dad anywhere in the world Delta flies (thank you buddy passes) and Nate chose Rome.  It rained the whole day we were there but we had a great time at the Coliseum and at the Vatican and eating pasta, pizza and gelato.  Rome in one day is not really fair but we saw enough to show us we gotta go back again.  Aidan turns 9 in 2.5 years and is talking about Costa Rica for his trip.  Bring that on right now I say!


I had a computer crash the Friday we left for Rome too so that’s another reason for silence.  Thanks to friend and computer guru extraordinaire Jon at Affinity Computer Sales in Peachtree City, GA, we recovered all of your email addresses and are back online. 


I leave to head back to Russia in a little over a week.  The last time I was on my way to Russia…well, we remember how that journey turned out.  We are confident and prayerful that this one will have me land in Siberia as planned and continue on with the work we love and believe in so much.  More on that in our next update.


Thank you all again.  It’s been 6 months since all of this started and your encouragement and assistance mean more than ever.


We love you dearly,

Rob and Traci as well as Benjamin, Nate, Aidan and Anna



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