Thursday, February 24, 2011

Traci's in surgery

From Northside Hospital…


What a difference there is in my mind and heart today as I write those words as compared to September 7 when I wrote them.  This is a much different deal for sure.  Traci’s dad and I just said goodbye her in the pre-op area as her “happy meds” were just starting to kick in.  We are all very much at peace that was started that day in September will come much nearer to completion today. 


I made it back to Atlanta this morning and actually beat her and Tim to the hospital thanks to a very nice man I met on my flight who had a private car service pick him up.  He kindly added dropping me off at the hospital to his morning routine.  Once again God reminds us that our needs will continue to be met every step of the way on this journey. 


About two to three hours  here is what we expect.  We should be home later this afternoon.  We’ll update everyone tonight as to how it went and how she’s doing.


Thank you all (again) so very much!

Rob (and Traci)


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