Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Traci is doing so well that...

I am in Siberia!  Really I am!  She’s done great following her last chemo in mid-January and is now fully on the road to healing.  Thank you again for all of your prayers and encouragement the last 6 months.  She’s doing so well in fact that I left the US two weekends ago to come to Novosibirsk for our annual Winter Mentor Retreat.


So many I’ve met and seen on this quick trip back have told me of their constant thinking of and praying for Traci and our family.  It’s been humbling to look into their eyes and see just how sincere they are about their love for her and their heartfelt joy at her coming through this as well as she has. 


25 brave people headed to the Bethlehem Retreat Center in Mochishee, Russia, just outside Novosibirsk for a History Makers Return/YouthReach International Mentor Retreat Weekend.  It was a fully packed time for sure but much was accomplished and reaffirmed about our commitment to the Lord and to each other as well as the orphans and at risk youth we are here to serve.  We had people from Novosibirsk, Berdsk, Barnaul, Tomsk, and from the Krasnoyarsk Region of Russia join us this year.  Traci’s father, Tim Dunn, and Victoria Barker, a senior at GACS in Atlanta, made the trip with me this year and have been amazing to see in action both with the Mentors and the kids.  As you see below they kinda blend in well with the Mentors.  Can you spot Tim and Victoria?  Bet you can’t spot me!




A number of new and truly meaningful partnerships are starting to come into focus here in Novosibirsk.  Some of these I have been praying about and working towards for 10 years or more.  Obviously, my timing is never spot on but we know whose is.  The network of people committed to hearing the cry of the orphan and tending to them in their place and time of need is growing.  I am as excited as ever about what awaits us in the future. 


Alas, this trip to Russia is just about over as Tim, Victoria and I leave tomorrow morning.  Traci’s last surgery is on Thursday at Northside in Atlanta so we will again make our pilgrimage there to get one step closer to having all of this “Journey with Cancer” behind us.  It’s been a blessed time for sure but we are ready to turn the page and begin a new chapter with the heading “Moving On!”


Please keep in mind the celebration event on the evening of March 12 in Monroe, GA, for Traci.  It will be held at LifeSprings Baptist Church.  It would thrill us to see you there.  Contact nadyajones2000_at_gmail dot com or Theresa Mitchell at tntmitch_at_windstream dot net for more information.


Thank you all,

The Brownes (separated by a mere 8210 miles or 13213 km at the moment)


Rob Browne

Director of Russian Operations



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