Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Dog Sled Is Loaded. To Chemo We Go!

Dear friends and family the world over,


Though Atlanta is still largely shut down due to the snow and ice, we’re headed to chemo even though we can’t get confirmation the hospital is open.  They called us yesterday to say they are not open and to reschedule our appointment for 12.45 today.  We’ve not heard from them today and though their phone system is kicking everything to voice mail we are assuming they are open but understandably swamped.


All that to say we will be at our appointment at 12.45.  We’re even allowing 70 minutes to make the 20 minute journey there from Traci’s parent’s house. 


A blessing in the delay has been my getting well enough now to accompany her.  To not have been there for the last of these treatments would have been a direct test to my attitude for sure.  Unfortunately, our children will not be with us.  Sickness and being unsure of what is ahead today kinda demands they hang close to the grandparents instead.


Pray that we get there, the dogs survive the trail ahead, the rations hold out, and that this is indeed the day of Traci’s last chemotherapy treatment on our journey with cancer.

Thanks again to you all,

Rob and Traci


Rob Browne

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