Sunday, December 26, 2010

An Angel in the Frankfurt Airport

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Here is a story of how God answered the prayers of many to work in an incredible way to get me on a flight home in the midst of chaos at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany.

An Angel in the Frankfurt Airport

John 14:13-14 “And I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.  You may ask Me for anything in My name and I will do it”.

Date:  December 21st, 2010

Place: Munich, Germany

The Situation:  It is 4:30am in Munich, Germany and David Hennessey and I are in a shuttle to the airport.  Our flight into Frankfurt had been cancelled the day before.  We have been booked on a 6am flight to Frankfurt and need this flight to make if we are going to be able to make our connecting flights out of Frankfurt back to the States.  This flight is also cancelled and we exchange our flight tickets for train tickets to Frankfurt.  Thanks to the use of an iphone on the train, we know that David’s flight has been delayed until 3pm and that mine has been cancelled.  We arrive into Frankfurt International airport around 11am and are greeted by chaos.  Frankfurt International had been hit by a major snow storm and was in its third day of flight cancellations leaving hundreds stranded at the airport.  Several areas had been cleared and filled with hammocks and food and water to take care of the stranded travelers.  We take a tram to the terminal where David can check on his flight status…  Cancelled, but confirmed on tomorrow’s (12-22-10) flight.  We take another tram to the kiosk of American Airlines to check my flight status…

God Working:  After finding the American Airlines kiosk, I handed my itinerary to the ticketing agent (I think her name was Bridgett?).  After several moments on the computer, and a few conversations with coworkers in German, she said, “I think I can get you on stand-by on a Continental flight.  You will have to go to a Continental kiosk to get re-ticketed.  The flight is scheduled to leave at 1:50pm and it is 1:10.  Here is your new itinerary…  Hurry”.  I took off running with all of my luggage and eventually found a Continental kiosk and handed my itinerary to the agent.  She said, “The flight is already in the boarding process.  I don’t think there is any way you can make this flight”.  She kept typing on the computer and shaking her head.  Then, an incredible thing happened.  A lady, who seemed to be dressed in Continental staff clothing, walked up and began talking to the ticketing agent in German.  At the end of her conversation, she began speaking in English and said, “This is Mr. Morrow and he needs the tickets to get on this flight”.  In approximately five minutes, this lady had my stand by tickets in her hand.  She gave them to me and gave the exact directions (escalators, trams, security check station, and gate) I needed to get to the flight.  She handed me my tickets and said, “Run!”

I have no Idea who this lady was and how she would have known my name and how she was able to get everything done that insured I was placed onto this flight…   Yes, I made the flight!!

Was she an Angel sent in answer to the prayers of many?  There were many passengers waiting to get on the same flight because of many flight cancellations that had left many travelers stranded over night at the airport.

I included the passage above because I had been reading it for a couple of days and asking God to reveal His Glory by getting me onto a flight the same day my original flight had been set to fly out.  Additionally, I had sent an urgent message to many asking for prayers regarding my flights and the cancellations that were occurring in both Munich and Frankfurt.

God answered our prayers.  God revealed His Glory and placed me onto a flight the same day through a very interesting set of circumstances through a very interesting individual.  Perhaps she was an Angel…

Tony Morrow

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