Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Traci's Great, Tasty Cake, and My Date

With a title like that, where to start? How about with Traci. It seems that indeed chemo is cumulative. Last Wednesday’s treatment went off without a hitch. Thursday was normal. Friday was too till about 8 p.m. Tough to tell if it was a lingering cold or the nastiness of the Taxotere Cytoxan chemo regime she’s on but Friday night was a new place for us on this journey. Saturday was a dark place. Rather not talk much about that. Sunday morning was more of the same but by about 2 p.m. on Sunday the darkness lifted and my sweet bride was on her way back. Monday morning was business as usual and our much prayed for and anticipated trip to Texas this Friday looks to be all systems go. Though it was hard God was evident and tender each step of the way.

What about the tasty cake you say? Well our church hosted a cake auction this past Saturday evening for our ministry. The purpose was to raise as much money as possible so as to sponsor as many orphans in our sponsorship program as possible for one year. We see this becoming an annual affair for our church. This was our second year to do it and we were trying to top last year’s nearly $2000 result and break the record as well of a cake that fetched $225. Despite the not so talented auctioneer, who we will simply refer to as “Traci’s Husband”, the crowd was committed, passionate and generous.

Nearly 30 cakes were brought and auctioned off. Every cake brought at least $75 and some got up into the $100s even. The bidding got serious with about 8 cakes to go when one teenage attendee outbid the husband of the cake’s maker with a bid of $305! For the sake of protecting the identity of this man who could not honor his wife by bidding highest for her cake, we’ll call him only “Benjamin’s Father.” The final cake of the night though was one to remember. 19 layers of chocolate goodness that was sure to bring a fair bid to bear on the auction. This cake has been a favorite of our church for years and years and its creator never fails to deliver when a monstrous cake is what’s called for. Aggressive bidding quickly took us over $300 and before long we were at $350. The tension in the room was so thick you could, that’s right, cut it with a knife. $375, $385, $400, and on it went. Finally, one man was left standing at $420 when he did the inconceivable. He outbid himself! The auctioneer smelled blood and went for the jugular. “$430” and he raised his hand. “$440” and his hand went back up. He was in the zone, treed as my college coach called it when a guy was so locked in he was unconscious of what he was doing. I, er the auctioneer, would spit out a number and up his hand went. “$450, $460, $470, $480, $490” the auctioneer cried as the bidder easily kept up. Finally, the room aghast at what they were seeing, the call was made for $500 for these 19 layers of life changing goodness. Up shot his hand to which a thunderous roar of applause followed. $500 went once, it went twice, and it was sold to the man who shares a home, marriage and family with the maker of said cake. Now, that’s a man who knows how to honor his wife!

The results of the night blew us away. More than $5500 was raised through our little cake auction and the result can be seen below as 17 year old Victoria Barker, she who paid $305 for my wife’s “Siberian Chocolate Mountain Delight” takes down 9 cards from our orphan board display. We still have more than 160 orphans remaining who don’t have sponsors so if you would like to help us in that regard, let me know. I’ll tell you how you can bring hope to one of these young one’s lives with just a $50 a month gift. Actually, one simple gift of $500 will put us over $6000 for the whole auction and allow us an even 10 kids sponsored. Anyone? Anyone?

Victoria Baker takes down 9 cards representing 9 children from Russia and Ukraine who have sponsors now as a result of our recent cake auction.

And finally, about my date. Admittedly, I’ve not dated much since 1994/1995. There was though a few years ago a young lady that came into my life that turned my heart and world on its masculine ear. Her name was and still is Anna Grace Browne. For the first time in my marriage and the first time in her life, we had a Daddy/Daughter date at Chick fil A on Friday night.

Rare are the occasions I don a suit but this young lady demanded Daddy’s very best. We had a time we’ll never forget. Look at our hands. I just think that is sweet! Ok, I’ll shut up now.

Kudos to the Monroe CFA for putting on a night to remember with a beautiful red rose, a tiara, black table cloths, and a sure nuff Maître d'!

A final word about hair. Many of you have asked and 7 of you have been downright belligerent wondering why I’m not bald. Well, a funny thing happened on the road to self promotion a few weeks ago. In short, my sweet wife said, “you know, I see enough baldness every day I look in the mirror. I’m not really sure I want to see anymore.” I heard her words but I listened to her heart. Seeing me looking odd and a bit corny would not bless her in the least. I let it ride for a few weeks to see if it might be better approached at a later time but I see clearly and willfully now that me shaving my head won’t really do anything to bless my wife. I’m all about blessing my bride so I’ve decided to just keep it high and tight like normal…except when it’s bushy and wild.

This was long. Thanks for reading. We’re doing very well.

Love you all and Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Rob Browne

Director of Russian Operations


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