Thursday, November 4, 2010

Traci Browne Update: Normal meets Normal

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First of all, God continues to show amazing mercy and grace to Traci, myself and our kids on this journey to freedom from cancer that started back in the summer.  We are daily reminded that is God neither afraid, overwhelmed nor uninformed about our needs.  We have nothing to complain about and many things to rejoice over.  So, firstly, thanks to Him!


Also, thanks to you.  You continue to be the hands, feet, arms and heart of Christ to us all.  The acts of kindness shown to us are just short of mind numbing…as long as you think of mind numbing as being a good thing.  We do!  We really are without words to describe how much the blessings you show us encourage and empower us.


Speaking of normal, the old normal is now clashing with the new normal.  They together are making a supra-normal which so far has proven to be quite workable.  Part of the old normal had me traveling both domestically and internationally a lot.  The international part of that equation won’t kick back in until February.  The domestic part of it though has picked up of late as Traci is doing so well and we know that the two weeks before her next chemo treatment is a time we can all do a bit more as she feels her best then.  We were told that in time we would find a good routine to all of this and it is proving to be true.  I will be St. Louis, MO, this weekend speaking at 2 Rivers Church and also working with prospective team leaders for 2011.  Traci will be at a women’s weekend away in the North Georgia mountains with ladies from our church.  That’s pretty normal for us so in that sense the old normal is alive and well.


The new normal includes things like a wig, cute caps, and scarves.  Accessorizing has actually been a little joy God has blessed Traci with on this journey.  Those Target gift cards some of you have sent have done much to keep her perfectly shaped and very visible head warm on these increasingly cool fall days in Georgia.  The new normal also includes a keen sense of awareness and response to people we meet who have cancer.  We attended a prayer healing service last Sunday on the south side of Atlanta and Traci met there a young lady who had just found out a few days earlier she has breast cancer.  She was in the middle of shock and wondering and concern about what all of this means.  That place still is fresh on our hearts so it has been a great joy to Traci this week to begin reaching out to her via prayer, calls, and a few little gifts too.  We know we have much of our journey still to walk but it is so refreshing to be able to bless someone else on theirs. 


Halloween was, I believe, Traci’s first outing wigless.  That’s an important step I think.  She felt and looked great (see picture).  The AnnaCow and AidanCow also looked good too.  Just had to throw that in.  Step by step, all of this is helping us redefine normal in ways we never have before.


Two things we would like to let you know about that will bless you and others and be sincerely enjoyable as well.  First of all, if you will take 3 minutes to read an amazing story of God’s leading some friends of ours to adopt in Uganda and then take a few seconds to leave a comment, then an organization they are working with will donate $2 to offset their adoption expenses.  It will take much to erase all of the expense of course but every bit truly does help.  This is a way you can help them and be encouraged by their story without even pulling out your wallet.   Click here to read the story and please do leave a comment.


Speaking of orphans, this coming Sunday is Orphan Sunday.  More than 2000 events around the world will be held in the coming days to raise awareness and call for a response to the plight of these treasured ones of God.  YouthReach International has partnered with churches all over the U.S., in Europe and even in Africa to raise awareness and respond to the needs of orphans.  I would like to invite all of you that are in the Atlanta area to join our family’s church as we respond to this opportunity on Saturday, November 13, at our 2nd Annual Cake Auction.  It’s easy to participate.  Bake a cake or cakes, bring the cake or cakes, enjoy a simple meal provided by our church, worship with us, and then be a part of our cake auction.  Bring some money to participate in the auction and pit yourself against the husband who must buy his wife’s cake.  It will be a fun time and a time of great response to the need of orphans in Russia and Ukraine.  All funds collected will go towards sponsoring as many orphans in our Orphan Sponsorship Program as possible for one year.  We will begin at 5 p.m. sharp at Greater Atlanta Christian School’s Student Family Center and will be finished by 8 p.m. with our meal, worship and auction.  I would ask you to kindly RSVP with me if you plan to come.  We want to make sure we have enough to eat.  We think we’ll have plenty of cakes for sure!  See attachment for more details.


Traci’s next chemo is this coming Wednesday.  Cumulative or not, chemo has thus far been very, very manageable.  A lot of that is true because of Traci’s tremendous attitude.  Meeting others and hearing of their journey makes us realize we have nothing, repeat nothing, to complain about or be down about.  All truly is well.


Hope to see you on the 13th.  Thanks again for walking with us.


In Him,

Rob, Traci and 4 wonderful Browne children


P.S.  Bald Brown Men update coming soon.  Interesting lesson learned on my way to a shaved head…


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