Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here We Sit - Drip, Drip, Drip

Chemo #3 day is here.  We found ourselves kinda lighthearted today as we pulled into the hospital.  What seemed so strange and chocked full of fear a few months ago has become quite, dare we say, normal.  We will still be glad of course when it is all over and behind us but God has continued to make this whole affair quite tenable. 


Traci still only has had one major side effect and that is baldness.  Her head is sometimes exposed, sometimes wigged and sometimes capped depending on mode, occasion and weather.  I mean it.  There have been no other side effects.  People think I’m fibbing when I say this but I am not.  She did get a nasty cold this past weekend but it is pretty much gone now and it never was a threat to her not having chemo today.  Her immune system is “one resilient piece of work” her doctors say.  As I told some folks last night I was with, “Traci is a terrible candidate for cancer but a great candidate to beat it.”  Her outlook remains very, very good.


Hey, thanks so much for going to our friend’s site last week and reading their story and leaving a comment.  I have looked at it a few times and notice so many of your names.  Thanks again!  Remember that each comment left generates $2 which will offset their adoption expenses.  Pass that story on to anyone else you know and encourage them to do the same.  Read a story, leave a comment, raise $2 for their adoption (not even out of your own pocket), and get on with your day.  Can’t beat that.


We decided to try the “pay it forward” approach each update with something that is not so focused on us.  That’s why you heard about the above story last time.  We are getting a ton of attention and assistance through this whole journey but we are aware that we are just one journey of near countless journeys others are walking and some alone.  We want to share another one with you today.  This one will cost you something though - $1.  Here’s the deal.  Jonathan Bartelme was a member of one of our teams that went to Russia last year.  He loves the Lord and kids in a very convicting way.  He and his wife Brandi live in St. Louis and direct a ministry called Fields of Hope.  Among other great works they promote is the wonderful service of foster parenting.  I grew up in a foster home (meaning my home with my parents and brother was home to many, many foster kids through the years) and know from first-hand experience what a blessing and challenge being a foster family is.  Jonathan and Brandi have two children of their own and as of last week now have 2 biological sisters, ages 2 and 3, staying with them as well.  They have also decided to donate a week at a time share they have in Wisconsin to another foster family who, quite simply, could use a break.  We all know how needing a break feels, don’t we?  Here’s the hard part though.  Each family who is vying for the free week at this ski resort in Wisconsin had to submit an essay telling their story.  You can read their stories, choose one, and vote via a $1 gift (or more but a minimum gift of $1) which will help Jonathan and Brandi offset the costs of this kind gift.  $1 per vote so respond with that in mind.  Good luck choosing one story.  They are all touching.  Click here to check it out. 


With that, chemo #3 is now behind us.  Friends and family, we are ½ way done with chemotherapy!  How exciting is that.  Every step of the way God has gone before us just as he promised he would.  It continues to be humbling and encouraging the way you all have loved us the whole way too.  Traci received on the same day this past week a goodie box from a friend in Chicago of lotions and soaps and such (girly stuff you know) and from a friend in Italy of European chocolates.  As said earlier, we are being very, very taken care of, yea even spoiled, on this journey.  My wife is worth it however.  I am not.  We both thank you though.


That’s enough for now.  Our Cake Auction is this Saturday.  If you are here in the Atlanta area and want to know more, email me.  I’ll fill your inbox with what it’s all about. 


We love you, we thank you and we again are now half way through chemo!  Just had to repeat that.


Gratefully yours,

Rob and Traci


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