Saturday, November 13, 2010

2011 Mission Team Opportunities

YouthReach International is pleased to announce our 2011 Mission Team plans for orphan outreach and mentor development.  We’re looking to partner with church groups of 6 to 8 people.  A team leader is required to attend a Team Leader Retreat in January, lead the team in fundraising, and prepare the team members through 8 team meetings and a retreat.

Mission Opportunities:
(Specific dates and itineraries will be determined after all teams are confirmed)
  • Ukraine Spring Break Trip, 7 days, April, $3100
  • Ukraine Orphan Camps, 12 days, June/July, $3100 (East Coast Teams)
  • Ukraine Orphan Camps, 12 days, June/July, $3250 (West Coast Teams)
  • Russia Day Camps, 9 days, June, $3990
  • Russia Mentor Boot Camp, 9 days, July, $3500

We will offer assistance in team recruiting, fundraising training, and all logistics planning. 

Interested in joining us?  Get more information here… 

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  1. Tim & Sheila Dunn signing up for Summer of 2011