Monday, October 18, 2010

Traci's next big step

This journey truly has been step by step.  We were remembering today how daunting the cancer diagnosis was at first.  We moved on.  We then remembered how scary the surgery was.  That was definitely a lot easier than we thought.  Plastic surgery seemed so other worldly to us that we simply did not know what to expect there.  It was pretty much…easy.  Just the word chemo frightened us.  It’s been little more than an inconvenience thus far.  God really has guided us to and through the next big thing each time we have faced it.  He’s good.  Real good.


The concern of the last few days has been two-fold.  First, Traci needed some serious “up” in her white blood cell counts or her next chemo treatment would have to be delayed.  She basically had no immune system mid last week.  This morning however was another story.  She went to her oncologist for lab work and was told she has surpassed their expectations by plenty.  She is now able to take her second chemo treatment on Wednesday.  We really did not want to have to put it off even a few days since we’re celebrating a certain 5 year old’s birthday this coming weekend.  If things go with treatment #2 the way it did with treatment #1 then our big weekend with Aidan “Sing to me as I’ll be 6 next week” Browne will go on as planned. 


The other big step dealt with hair.  The only, and we mean only, side effect Traci has noticed from chemo has been hair loss.  It started mid last week and was in full force all weekend long.  Today was the planned upon day to go in for the cut down and fitting of the “cranial prosthesis” she was fitted for early last week.  We had cried all we needed to regarding the loss of hair and were ready to move on.  I’ve never had it happen since my hair seems to be getting more and more Cousin Itt-ish as I age but apparently having your hair come out in mass every time you wash it, comb it, or touch is not so fun.  


Now before you say, “I can’t believe he put that picture in there!” please know I have Traci’s permission to show this.  I’m not (that) dumb you know.  Also remember that we’ve invited you to travel with us on this journey.  We’ve promised to share the good, bad, and that which falls into neither of those categories.  In the same way we have read the stories of others who have walked down this path and in the same way we have been encouraged and girded up by their stories and pictures, we want you or someone you know who reads this to experience the same kind of uplift when it’s needed.  Therefore, we share it all…pictures included.


Before you I send you to the pictures, let me say that I cannot say enough good about the staff at “A Women’s Place Boutique” at Northside Hospital here in Atlanta.  They get what it is all about – service, care, compassion, hope, professionalism, competency, creativity and so much more.  Thank you ladies (they are followers of our journey now as well).  Know that you all have now become part of Team Traci and for that we are very, very grateful.


Ok, I’ll shut up now.  To see Traci getting her beautiful hair taken down and then to see a true beauty with a true beast, click here.    


She teaches at our Classical Academy tomorrow and then has chemo #2 on Wednesday.  Your prayers, cards, and multiple sources of encouragement mean the world to her and her family.

Thank you all,

Rob, Traci and 4 Kids Called Browne



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