Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life...Post Chemo #2

Seems that if more than a few days go by without me updating you guys, I get reminded of it!  That’s fine though.  We so appreciate the daily attention we are getting via your prayers, letters, emails, and calls.  Walks to the mailbox have continued to be small journeys filled with big discoveries.  You all continue to bless us in so many ways.  Thank you again.


When we last updated you on Traci she was undergoing her second chemo.  That day in and of itself was quite normal.  Sit for the drip, nap a few hours, tolerate your husband taking pictures of you, and leave.  Two days after that we relocated to my mom’s home down on the south side of Atlanta to celebrate Aidan’s 6th birthday which is actually tomorrow but you can never be too early when celebrating a soon-to-be 6 year old’s birthday.  Just ask Aidan if you don’t believe me!


Aidan wanted to camp out for his birthday.  Traci was not in any condition to have a bad day while camping out.  Try as I may to find my own excuse to not camp out, I could not.  Therefore, we set up our tent in a wooded area beside my mom’s house and the boys and I slept in it.  Traci and Anna slept inside.  Advantage Traci and Anna but I digress.


On Saturday we had a rather all day come and go birthday celebration for Aidan.  It began with a 2 on 2 baseball game (Aidan and me vs. Benjamin and Nate) at 9 a.m. on the same field at Welcome All Park I played Little League ball on when I was 7.  Yes, the same field I played on with Marquis Grissom who caught the final out of Game 6 of the 1995 World Series that the Braves won.  I’ll digress again.  This park has become a preferred place to play the last year or two so whenever we are at my mom’s house we try to get over there.  It was game to remember.  Aidan pitched the whole game which is pretty amazing considering IT WENT 18 INNINGS!  We finally had to call it a 1-1 tie after 18 because friends were starting to arrive at my mom’s house and I was the self proclaimed Grill Master.  So this game will be completed at a later date.  We’ll save the highlights for you until we have declared a winner.  Since Aidan and I have not beaten Benjamin and Nate since May 29, I do hope we win.  We’re due.


As for Traci, she woke up Saturday feeling not as great as she had hoped.  She moved kinda slow all day but was able to receive our guests and be sociable enough.  We were so blessed in that the friends who came knew her limitations and let her just be still and sit when she needed to.  By 4 p.m. or so after the self proclaimed Grill Master had wowed the guests, she was about done.  She really gave a yeoman’s effort but it became clear that we might have bit off more than we could chew that day.  Lesson learned.  Her dear parents stayed the night with us and stayed with Traci and Anna on Sunday morning at my mom’s house while I took the boys to visit the first church Traci and I were members at when we moved back to Atlanta from Texas in 1998.  The Southern Crescent Church has been and will always be dear to us.  Their minister, Todd, who is one of my spiritual heroes, practically stopped service shortly after we walked in and brought me and the boys up front.  I sat in a chair with the boys on my lap while I don’t know how many people came up on stage and put their hands on us for prayer.  It was one of the most moving moments I’ve had on this journey second only I think to seeing the sun set behind Traci as she stood and raised her hand as a cancer survivor at that picnic a few weeks ago.  As they prayed there were chears all around (that’s a combo of chills and tears…chears.  You heard it here first)!  Thank you Southern Crescent!  By the way, this church is having a prayer healing service this coming Sunday morning.  If you need prayer for physical, relational, financial, marital, familial and any other “ial” you can think of please be there.  More information here.


While we were there Traci’s parents were transporting her and Anna home.  Traci was fine but just really tired.  By the time we all got home later that afternoon, she was just about back to normal.  If chemo does indeed have a cumulative effect (some survivors say no and others say yes) then we might have seen the reality of that after this treatment as days 3 and 4 were by far the hardest she’s had so far.  Even so, no nausea or vomiting or debilitating discomfort at all.  She was simply tired.  Rest seemed to take care of that ill just fine so we are definitely learning more and more about the rightness of rest on this journey.


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have seen Traci going full blast with school, teaching, support group, Bible Study, and attending a breast cancer survivor’s fashion show last night at the invitation of a high school friend who lives near us here in the sticks we recently found out.  She told me that more than a few nurses and doctors and survivors told her “at last your hair has not fallen out.”  She told them it actually had fallen out and that’s a wig she’s wearing.  Again, kudos to the ladies at the women’s boutique at Northside Hospital.  You’ve been even better than advertised.  While Traci was not in the show this year she is hopeful of being a part of it next year. 


Next year…that already has a nice sound to it.  We have a bit more to go through before such things as next year or a survivor’s fashion show can truly be ours but we are committed to being there.  One day at a time, step by step, doing the next right thing right, and feasting on all that God has for us.  That is where we are this overcast but unseasonably hot Wednesday afternoon in Monroe, GA.


Thank you again for journeying with us,

Rob and Traci


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