Friday, October 1, 2010

Chemo #1 is Done

Traci and I spent 5 hours today at the oncologist’s office receiving her first chemo treatment.  It went well all in all and won’t take that long in the future.  More likely it will just be 4 hours next time.


She’s tired and about to crawl into bed but wanted me to tell everyone “thank you for your prayers and notes.”  She’s sorry she can’t/won’t call those tonight that she promised she would.  She’s smart enough to know that rest is what she needs now. 


We will just wait now and see if/when the anticipated side effects might kick in.  She hopes to attend the boys’ archery class tomorrow morning and then a breast cancer fundraiser dinner tomorrow night with myself and 2 other couples.  So…we will wait and see.


A number people have asked me how they can tangibly help us.  They’ve also told me to be specific and quit dodging the question.  You know who you are!  One suggestion by some friends of ours is to help out with meals which so many of you already have done.  This really is a huge help after we spend so much time gone 2-4 days a week to doctor’s offices all over the north side of Atlanta.  If you want to find a date that is not yet covered and tempt our pallets with a family dish of your own, visit and use Browne as the last name and team as the password.  This obviously will only apply to those of you who live on the north or east side of Atlanta.  For the rest of you, those care packages, gift cards, notes, and emails will be expression a plenty of your love and support of our family on this journey. 


Thank you again and goodnight from Atlanta, Georgia,

Rob (and Traci)


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