Thursday, October 14, 2010

Amazing Traci News and Fun Ministry News

Traci and Ministry. We’ll try and cover both again in one email so hold on!

Regarding Traci, she had her first chemo two weeks ago and, friends, she has not had even 5 minutes of discomfort since. No joint ache, no nausea, no abnormal fatigue, no nothing! She found out on Wednesday that her white blood cell count is a mere .10 but she has been able to somehow fight off a sore throat over the last few days and now feels perfectly fine. We can only attribute this to God’s grace and mercy on sweet Traci. She has no immune system but she is able to fight off a sore throat. How amazing is that? Since her counts are so low she is in jeopardy of not being able to take her second chemo treatment next Wednesday. Please, please, please pray that her counts go up by Monday so she can receive second of her 6 planned treatments on Wednesday. We do not want to drag these out any longer than necessary so pray she is able to stay on schedule and receive chemo dose #2 as planned.

Though we are not totally sure, it does seem that Traci will be among the 9 out of 10 women who do lose their hair during chemo. The wig has been ordered, God has provided 100% of the money necessary to pay for it (insurance totally failed us on this), and it can be received, fitted, and “applied” on Monday so even if this is the weekend she loses her hair she is ready to face that and move forward. If hair loss is the only side effect of the first round of chemo then we will indeed count ourselves blessed. Actually, we count ourselves blessed anyway because we really are blessed. Pray for peace and courage still as we move forward and through this next step. Stay tuned also for news of the Browne Boy Bald Off Bash which might be coming your way as early as next week.

Thank you again for the meals, the cards, the gift cards, the visits, the words of encouragement, and of course those prayers which bless us and remind us again and again that we have nothing ever, ever, ever to complain about. God is good and he continues to show that to us through all of you.

You know who might have a justified reason though to complain though? Orphans. Their plot in life is directly in contrast to what God intended for children and the family. Our ministry, YouthReach International, is committed to doing something about this problem by recruiting, equipping, and providing local mentors to these children in their host countries. Many, many of you have asked us of late how our ministry is going and how you can participate. The financial gifts to the organization in honor of Traci are so very appreciated. Thank you for them. Having your church partner with us on Orphan Sunday is another way you can help. Thank you for that too! But we have a way that you can help us that will be fun, include your whole family, provide a free meal for your family, and create a memory you won’t soon forget. Instead of making this email any longer, I’ll just ask you to click on our ministry’s blog and read the most recent entry entitled “$225 For A Cake? If It Blesses An Orphan, YES!” Come on and join us on November 13 for this special event and celebrate with us making a real difference in the lives of these dear ones. Lord willing, you can see Traci then too! That’s always a bonus.

Four paragraphs means I gotta stop. You can’t be expected to hear me drone on and on so we’ll end this…for now. Thank you again friends, family, and survivors. You inspire us and challenge us to be people of courage and hope.

We treasure you all,
Rob, Traci, Benjamin, Nate, Aidan and Anna Browne

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