Thursday, September 30, 2010

Traci's latest

We’ll do to you what our oncologist did to us an hour ago. 


“Traci, you will start chemo tomorrow.” 


So, we start tomorrow at 1.30 p.m. with the first of 6 chemotherapy treatments.  Many reasons for starting so soon and all of them are good.  This will have her finishing 5 of her 6 treatments before the end of the year and allow us to be in Texas with my brother and his family for Thanksgiving. 


So, tomorrow it is.


There have been too many blessings come our way of late to even mention here.  Along with the letters, cards, gift cards, boxes of goodies, and food there’s been some other things I just gotta mention.  I am especially thankful for my sister in law, Kara, and her oldest son/my oldest Browne nephew, Wesley, coming last weekend.  They played with us, prayed with us, fed us, and just did a lot to lift our spirits and transport our family from Traci’s parent’s house back to Monroe where we live.  Thank you Kara and Wes for being family in the truest sense of the word. 


Then, on Monday of this week, Shelli Presley and her youngest, Nate (a name dear to us), came to visit.  They left just this morning to return to West Texas.  They made us laugh, cry, and remember again what a treasure having lifelong friends is.  Traci and Shelli met in college, we ministered with her and her husband Erik in Abilene just after we were married, I was blessed to perform their wedding (and my brother’s and Kara’s come to think of it…a pattern here?), and we have journeyed together through my Dad’s fight with Alzheimer’s (which he won!) and now Shelli’s dad’s 4th bout with cancer which he is sure to win as well.


As I find myself saying a lot these days, “thank you seems hardly enough but it really is all I have to offer right now.” 


One final note…as we wiped the shock off of our face today when our oncologist said “tomorrow” he finished entering data into the computer, spun around, faced us, and said, “Can I pray with you both right now?”  Nuff said.  We’re in his hands but we’re even more in His hands.  That is for sure.


We expect this weekend to be the beginning of some challenging days ahead.  We’re ready though.  With God going before us as he so obviously is and with the encouragement, support, and help all of you are providing, we will be just fine.    


We love you and thank you all,

Rob and Traci



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  1. The Hennessey's will be praying for Traci and the rest of the Brownes. If you need us for anything... anything... we are ready. We love you all and know God will be with you every step of the way.