Friday, September 24, 2010

Some really good news from Traci

As of 93 minutes ago, those last 4 pesky drains remaining after her plastic surgery are gone!  This means we are one step closer to being finished with the cosmetic aspect of this journey.  That’s really good news as Traci has a freedom of movement back now that she’s not enjoyed since her surgery on September 7.  No more bothersome appendages and thrice daily draining!  We did learn today that depending on whether radiation will follow chemo it might be another year before we can have the final plastic surgery processes completed.  At this point though that is nothing we can do anything about so I have nothing more to say about that. 


Today’s news in conjunction with what we learned at Traci’s oncology appointment yesterday means chemo should begin in about 2 weeks.  We might wait 3 weeks though as we want to have Traci as healthy as possible for Thanksgiving week in Midlothian, TX, with my brother’s family.  We are trying to build the 6 sessions around Thanksgiving as much as we can hoping that she’ll be good health wise during Turkey Week 2010.  In the big picture it really is a small thing but please pray we are able to time this in such a way that Traci is up to making the Texas Turkey Trip. 


Step by step, appointment by appointment, decision by decision we are moving beyond the things that once frightened us, towards the things that now frighten us, and eventually past cancer treatment altogether.  Thank you all for willingly joining with us on this journey.  We’ll be honest…it is not easy.  We’ll also be honest and say we have peace that makes no sense other than God is just giving it to us. 


We’re so blessed and so grateful to Him and to you.


Thank you and have a great weekend,

Rob and Traci



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