Monday, September 13, 2010

The Journey Continues...

After a very, very difficult Saturday we were greeted with all of the hope and promise that only a Sunday could provide.  The joy was back on Sunday as was just generally feeling better.  Coming off of some of the heavy meds she was on at the hospital was a big reason for that as well as our knowing better how to regulate the  meds she’s still on.  She’s now off the high powered prescription pain meds altogether and is simply using Motrin which seems to be fine.  The muscle relaxer is still a must though.  She’s fine with that and feels good knowing the meds that are supposed to be working for her are indeed doing so without putting her in a doped up stupor.


We waited all day today to hear back from our dear Dr. Amerson.  She called about 5.30 p.m. with news that was far from what we had hoped.  While the two cancerous growths that were initially detected on Traci’s right side measured only 1mm each, there was evident after her mastectomy a growth of closer to 2.5 cm on that same side.  That’s a big difference.  She also is borderline it seems having the cancer spread to her deep tissue.  It seems a 3 cm gap between the cancer and the deep tissue means you don’t need radiation while a 1 cm gap means you do.  Traci’s gap is 2 cm.  Dr. Amerson is conferring with a radiation oncologist to see what she suggests in this situation.


We’ve also been directed to meet with a medical oncologist who will let us know if he thinks chemotherapy is needed and if so what course to begin.  We’ll make that call tomorrow and begin then our relationship with another medical professional.


I won’t lie – this is very disappointing news.  I also won’t lie – we are not without hope.  It’s a challenge unlike any other we have ever gone through in our marriage or our lives.  I sense that fires of refinement await us in ways that will transform us forever.  In a way, I think I’ve already been transformed forever.  In many other ways, I know there is still much work to be done.


I find writing these nightly updates rather cathartic.  I hope they inform you sufficiently as to what Traci’s current state is as well as that of our family.  That’s the intention though with me being the storyteller/wordsmith I tend to be I am pretty sure that this will become far more than just a newsy update on Traci.  Allow me if you don’t mind to work out some stuff in your presence as you read and to humbly keep putting prayer requests before you.  It’s just the way we Brownes do things. 


One of our dear friends, Theresa, told us early on that she wanted to walk with us as close as we needed her to on this journey.  If we chose to keep to ourselves then she would respect that.  I assured her that we’re pretty out in the open people both as Christians and as middle class, Southern Americans.  We don’t ever mask much so I won’t start doing it in these updates either.  Fair enough? 


Your prayers, cards, calls, visits (very rarely allowed as of yet but appreciated when they do happen), and gifts just humble and amaze us.  They help a lot too!  Thank you for them.


Pray for Traci and thank you in advance for doing so,




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