Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good night from Northside Hospital Where...

All is Well.


My bride and my hero made it through today with the courage and peace we’ve been praying for.  4 hours in surgery and she did great.  Post op lasted about 90 minutes while she came out of the fog of anesthesia.  Her mom, dad, brother and I joined in her room about 11 hours after we arrived at the hospital.


20 or so friends from long ago and not so long ago joined us for laughing, a little crying, and lot of storytelling.  It was a special time that would have been made better if only Traci could have been with us.  My sweet Mom and dear friends Sandee, Nadya, and Theresa handled our kids school and care today.  Thank you!


The great news is that as best as the doctors can tell the cancer has not spread to anywhere else in her body.  That’s a huge, huge reason to thank God.  We will get the final pathology from the 3 lymph nodes that took early next week.  All indicators though are pointing to no more cancer. 


She’s resting now and I’m grieving just a tad seeing that the Braves have now dropped out of first place for the first time since late May.  Obviously, life is good for us if that is all I can find to grieve about.


I am so grateful for all of your prayers and the ton of emails that came my/our way today.  I’ll share them with Traci eventually but will for now say goodnight and thank you all.


Courageously and peacefully yours,

Rob and Traci



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