Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Great Day

All we know is all we know and what we know today is that Traci has had a great last 24 hours.  We thank God for that.  Traci walked around a lot.  She talked to other patients and now has quite a bond with two ladies, Regina and Tommi, who had surgery on Tuesday as well.  We had only two visitors who both came before lunch so the rest of the day could be spent resting and readying for what we hope is her exodus tomorrow. 


The talk of hurdles has been real and honest today.  We are girding up for whatever early next week holds when her pathology reports come back.  We know that this has gone about as good as we could have expected up to this point so we will be thankful for that and commit ourselves to respond with courage and peace when the next hurdle is clearly in front of us.


My mom, Nancy, and dear friends, Sandee and Elaine, are holding down the Browne home with Benjamin, Nate, Aidan and Anna.  The kids are doing well but look forward to us all rendezvousing tomorrow at Traci’s parent’s house where we’ll spend the next week.  There’s rumors of a smack down between 3 boys and their daddy as there is a lot of pent up energy to be worked off.  I assume the boys have some pent up energy as well.


The emails keep pouring in as do the cards to our home.  Thank you all.  Wow.  What a humbling thing to pick the computer up every hour and see another 20 or 30 emails with nothing but love, encouragement, prayers, and blessings.  We are so very thankful for you all.


Hopefully, tomorrow’s update will be from 97 Kettlewood Drive in Lilburn. 


Until then,

Rob and Traci



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