Monday, September 6, 2010

12 Stones - just a pile of rocks?

Look at these pictures.  

Just a pile of rocks, right?

Then again…

Think back to the times of Joshua.  He was appointed by God to lead Israel where Moses could not – to the promised land on the other side of the Jordan.  They had been wandering for 40 years.  Here they were standing on the eastern side of the Jordan river, which just happened to be at flood stage, wondering how they would get across.

But things that seem impossible to you and me are absolutely possible with God.  The Lord told the priests to walk into the water with the ark of the covenant, and immediately the water stopped.  They stood there while the rest of Israel walked across the dry riverbed, and when they finished crossing this impossibility, the Lord told them to gather 12 stones from the middle of the river.  These stones were placed on the western side of the river to serve as a sign.  As the Lord said, “When your children ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’, you tell them the Lord your God brought you across the mighty Jordan, doing the impossible for those He loves yet again!" (Hennessey paraphrase).

The pictures above are of a pile of rocks in my back yard that were put together during my family’s first mission trip to Russia 7 years ago.  We didn’t think we could raise enough money for 6 of us to go, but we were encouraged to trust Jesus to provide.  Not only did he provide enough for our family, but 18 people total went on that trip, and all of the funds were provided!  Whenever my trust in the Lord fades, I go in my backyard, look at this, remember, and praise God.

YouthReach is at a point of trust right now.  Our donations have not kept up with our ministry budget this year.  Even through cutting expenses, limiting travel, and tightening belts as much as possible, we are looking at a deficit right now of about $30,000 to get us through the next couple of months.  We need your help to overcome this seemingly impossible barrier.

And yet again, the Lord draws us back to this pile of rocks. 
“Remember,” He says.  “Remember what I’ve done for you in the past.  I’ve always provided.  I’ve brought you to this point, and I have amazing things to do through you for the children of the world just on the other side of this barrier.  Can’t you see it?”

“Trust me.  I will provide.”

And that’s where you come in, my friends.  We trust the Lord to provide.  We are continuing to do the work of the ministry.  Four of us leave on Saturday for Ukraine to visit 4 orphanages, conduct 2 Mentor Training Retreats, and speak at a language institute and a college.

The Lord will provide.  And He does that through His people.

Help us add another rock to the pile.  Your rock that He has provided to you. 

You can give the following ways:


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And get your kids together and put a pile of rocks in your own backyard.  Later, when they ask what the rocks are for, tell them, “The Lord brought us across the Jordan.  Kids’ lives were changed forever.”

Praise the Lord!

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