Monday, August 16, 2010

Update on Traci Browne

Thank you again for the overwhelming amount of prayers and encouragement that have come our way the last few days. It’s humbling and very reassuring.

It’s been a long but blessed day. We met today with a specialist who is now our doctor of choice. Dr. Amerson is wonderful (just like the 418 patients of hers we’ve met the last few days promised us she would be), experienced, and is about as people a person as we’ve ever met…yours included. She really put us at ease while also letting us know the path in front of us.

She also got us in immediately with the plastic surgeon of her choice. Dr. Alexander showed us our long term options and assured us that she’s seen this kind of cancer many times over and has helped many women move on from it with the rest of their lives.

Between the counsel of these two medical professionals, the testimony of a woman who was right where Traci now is now but chose another treatment path, as well as the Spirit’s wonderful peace that just continued to surpass our understanding, Traci decided to move forward with a double mastectomy and immediate reconstructive surgery. The benefits of this are many and I won’t go into them now. Surgery will be 4 hours with 3 days of recoup in the hospital to follow that. As long as her post op pathology on her lymph nodes show no additional spread of cancer, she should be back to full speed within a month or so of her operation. We’re hoping to have the surgery by the end of this month or early next. There are few more tests/scans she needs this week to rule out some additional concerns. Once those have all been done and she is clear then we can finalize the surgery date.

Your love and support of us and our family blesses us like never before.

Thank you,

Rob and

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