Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Heavy Heart

At our house today just as lunch time was coming to an end, our 8 year old, Nate, began to weep. It was a not a "hey, look at me crying because I'm 8" kind of weeping. It was something deeper than that. Something hurt. That was evident.

Just before that we had been talking about Dima who is an orphan at St. Nicholas Orphanage in Novosibirsk. Dima is the cute kid you see smiling at you in the Orphan Sunday is Coming video on the front page at

Dima is an orphan and has been for most of his life. This orphanage is the only home he knows and the kids he lives with are the extent of family he can call his own. Dima has been a part of our family's summer every year for 4 years now. It's a joy to see him every May or June and it rips us up to say goodbye every July or August.

Nate has it on his heart that Dima deserves better. Nate is blessed to be a part of making things better for Dima every summer but even an 8 year old knows that is far less than what Dima needs. Dima needs unconditional love and support. Dima needs someone to listen to him. Dima needs to know he is valued, listened to, not an accident, accountable, and sought after.

YouthReach International recently launched an Orphan Sponsorship Program where people can sponsor specific orphans and be a part of the "better" that Nate knows Dima deserves. Thankfully Dima has a sponsor already but so many more do not. What grieves Nate about Dima should grieve all of us about every child.

Consider sponsoring an orphan through our Orphan Sponsorship Program. Become aware of their dreams, favorite food, and hobbies. Get a picture of them. Pray for them. Go on a trip one day with us to visit them. Be part of the answer to giving them something better. Check out for more details.

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