Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Abilene beats the Browne's... again!

Saturday was hot in Texas, but then again it was summertime.  
What better to cool off than a nice cup of cold lemonade!

Parker was dressed for lemonade success by sporting a tie with flip-flops!

Elizabeth Morrow and friends decided to take on the Browne boys of Monroe, Georgia in their challenge for YouthReach International's Lemon-Aid for Orphans initiative.  Their goal was to raise more than the Browne's $185.33 stand from earlier this year.

Emily is busy handing out cards while Tony supervises

Every customer walking into the Food Center doors of the local Wal-Mart were greeted by 3 young ladies handing them Lemon-Aid for Orphans business cards, accompanied by a perky "We're raising money for orphans in Ukraine and Russia!"  The older guys, Tony Morrow (Elizabeth's dad) and I, kept busy offering carts to the customers while Elizabeth's mom, Shana, was pouring the lemonade and accepting the donations.

Elizabeth Morrow (middle) with Dad and Mom
at the Lemon-Aid for Orphans stand in Abilene, TX

After 3 hours in the Texas summer heat, over $214 was raised to provide birthday gifts, Christmas presents, and school supplies to orphans in need!  This was not the first time Elizabeth took the challenge - in mid-July outside of a local United supermarket, she and her friends raised almost $400!  Way to go, Elizabeth!!!

Are you willing to take the challenge?

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