Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"What's the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?"

This was the opening question for our home group last night.  We had the typical answers that you'd expect:

  • Spoiled chocolate milk
  • Live insects
  • Vegetables (from one of my daughters, of course!)
  • Coke with Taco Bell hot sauce thrown in
I had thought about kholodetz, a Russian dish that is essentially meat jello.  Yes, that's right - it's a cold congealed meat salad, usually served with a spicy Russian mustard (the kind that burns your nose when you put it in your mouth).  But the interesting thing is... kholodetz is actually quite good.  Imagine a really good beef pot roast - you just have to get past the texture of that pot roast in gelatin. Many of you would never venture your taste buds to enjoy this delicacy, especially if you've seen it prepared and watched someone scrape the congealed white fat off the top before serving you a pie-shaped slice of it.

But what a mistake it is to never try it.  To say that I'm so comfortable with my own preferences that I'm unwilling to try something that is someone else's favorite dish in the world.  To never venture beyond the comfortable for fear that you just might not like it.

I challenge you today to think beyond your norm.  Go talk to that person in the grocery store and ask what you can be praying for them.  Open up your home to someone who needs a place to stay for the night.  Make a connection with that family at church that you'd really like to know, but have been to afraid to approach them.  Ask the Lord to show you what He doesn't like in your life, and commit to Him that you'll make the changes.  Sign up to go on a mission trip to change a kid's life forever.  

Go ahead.  I dare you.  Try some meat jello.  

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  1. i've tried the meat jello...not the metaphorical stuff. the real thing...and i just couldn't get past the texture...but i also couldn't bear to offend the people who made it for me. so, i learned to eat it with lots and lots of bread. i'm sure there's a life lesson in that too.