Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ministry in Kiev Region

A great update from Kostya in Ukraine.  Praise God for the good going on there!

Mentors in action

Thank you a lot for your prayers, help and supportJ

Of course all of us so happy, that new 8 boys arrived to

Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky trade school and study there.


Shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, sponge,

All our 8 boys have got like a present from our 9 kids:

Misha M, Artyom T, Andrei V, Misha L, Katya G,

Alla S, Lena N, Galya K, Nadya R and meJ

Heart is melt, when I see mentors in act and when

they are doing, what somebody did for them before.

Please pray for all our 9 kids, who is now at technical

schools and universities. It is a very important and

difficult time for them, because a new level of

education, new friends, challenges and location.


Please pray for:

Our teams of mentors;

New 8 boys, their school and new life;

Security and health of Kostya's father and mother;

Wisdom and strength how to help our kids;





Tuesday, August 4, 2015

YouthReach International Is Having a Birthday!



What Began 20 Years Ago This Month Has Changed History Forever!
 - A YouthReach International 20th Birthday Conversation - 


YouthReach International invites you to join us on a live conference call Monday, August 17, as we begin a special “birthday season” of celebration.  As partners we want you to know how the last 20 years came to be and what the future holds for us as we continue working to see the lives of orphans changed forever.  Please plan now to take a few moments during lunch or at the end of your day to join us and hear more about it!


2 Times to Choose From:

Monday, August 17

11:00 - 11:45 a.m. Eastern Time
9.00 – 9.45 p.m. Eastern Time



To join the call, dial

(605) 475-6150
Access Code: 870005#







Share this invitation with a friend or church leader or co-worker! This might be the ideal and easy way you have looked for to connect them to this great story.



Consider which of your friends would most enjoy being a part of this conversation - forward them this invite.



Rob Browne

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Executive Director

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Five DID YOU KNOW? Facts About YouthReach International

Five DID YOU  KNOW? Facts About YouthReach International

1.  This is our 20th year as a ministry!  Before Facebook or Twitter or weird Lay's Potato Chip flavors based on Super Bowl contests, YouthReach International has been proclaiming Christ to young people around the world.  We'll be celebrating this milestone later this year in a city very likely near you.  More information on that will be coming to you in the not too far off future.  If you were paying attention back in 1997 you might remember this logo from the original name of our ministry:


2.  If you ever shop at (and we know you do) please know that we participate in the SMILE program.  By choosing us* as your SMILE recipient you can see part of the money you spend at Amazon given back to our ministry.  For more information about this please contact us at  If you know how to set up yourself then please do so when you see the screen shot below:

*Please note our official name with Amazon is World Wide Youth Camps, Inc. dba YouthReach International

3.  There's a new country we're beginning to focus on this year.  Through a growing partnership with Lithuania Christian College ( YouthReach International will soon be influencing undergraduate students from 20+ countries in ways raising their awareness of and response to orphans in the home countries and future countries they will live and work in upon graduation.  We think this is very exciting news.

4.  Developing mentors is key to our ministry.  That's understood.  Where those mentors come from might surprise you sometimes.  Did you know that right now in 4 of our 11 mentoring communities that orphans are now mentoring orphans?  Who better to speak to the needs and challenges of orphans than those who have walked through those same challenges lead by the loving presence and counsel of mentors. 


 5.  YouthReach International is announcing today that Summer Camp Sponsorship Season is open!  We need to locate partners to help us secure $36000 in the next 8 weeks to see orphans in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus attend camps in their areas where the Gospel, hope, relationships, mentoring, and the just plain fun of camp awaits them.  Will you consider helping us meet this goal?  The average cost of a sponsorship is $450 but know you can give more than that or less than that.  As each part does what it can we can be sure that this aspect of our Mentoring movement can reach as many orphans as possible.  To make a gift online go to and use the Gift Note line to say "Summer Camp Sponsorship."  You may send a check to our office with a Post It Note saying it is for Summer Camp Sponsorships.  Our address is:

YouthReach International
1911 Grayson Hwy
Suite 8-344
Grayson, GA  30017 

Rob Browne
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You...

You know the rest of the song and I’m really risking a lot using this picture below as a reminder that tomorrow is our Spring Ministry Briefing!  No, that was not me when I was 9 years old but thank you for asking.



The Ministry Briefing is a living, breathing, interactive update of our ministry’s progress in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.  It’s free to attend, includes lunch, and we tell you in advance it’s not a fundraising event so leave your checkbooks at home.  Details are below.  Please RSVP today to if you can come.  Thank you and see you tomorrow!







Rob Browne

Chief Encourager
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Orphans Are Mentoring Orphans in Ukraine

It's no longer a dream or a plan in Ukraine.  It is now a reality.  I remember nearly a year ago in Minsk, Belarus, when one of our Ukraine staff members approached me at a Chick-fil-A SERVE Seminar and asked to speak with me about something on his heart.  He said, "I've been thinking that the best group of candidates we have to mentor orphans are those orphans who we are now mentoring."  Honestly, I played dumb and asked him to share in more detail what he meant and how it might work.  He did just that and the activity of the last year in Ukraine has brought us to this point of orphan graduates now mentoring orphans.  Below is an edited excerpt from a note from one of our other team members in Ukraine.  Enjoy what you read below and realize Kostya's vision is now an absolute reality:


Today, 9 kids who graduated from orphanages 3 years ago will be joining Kostya Voropayev (YouthReach International Director of Mentor Recruiting and Training) for their second visit to an orphanage in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky.  


This is wonderful because these graduates who were served by YouthReach International Mentors while they were living at an orphanage are now learning how to serve other orphaned children in a mentoring role.  May our Father richly bless them as they begin giving back the love, encouragement, and mentoring they have received.


The following photo is from the first visit that 4 of the graduates and Kostya Voropayev made to this orphanage.


I can't say enough good about Kostya Voropayev and his leadership in Kiev.  Tony Morrow and his family are now on the ground there to coach and encourage Kostya as Kostya coaches and encourages this new group of mentors.  I like that Tony provides the report about this visit but it was Kostya, a Ukrainian, who is leading the orphans, all Ukrainian, to serve together the Ukrainian children there.  Together, they are seeing their ministry and impact multiplied in ways we've only prayed for in the past. 


Rejoice with us for there truly is much to be thankful for.


Yours for them,



Rob Browne

Chief Encourager
Executive Director

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Orphans Mentoring Orphans


It is now happening in and around Kiev, Ukraine.  Older orphans moving into the lives of younger orphans as mentors.  Below is a great report from YouthReach International's Kostya Voropayev in Kiev, Ukraine.



new generation

of mentors

First visit of boarding school in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky

Katya, Misha, Galya, Andrei, Olya

They have 186 kids, from 1 to 11 grade.

Presents. Special thanks to Huffines for "Lemon-Heads"

40 kids from 1 to 4 grade

12/25/2014 Each kid get some present from our mentors

Now we try to help some number of our kids from

Makeevka, Donetskaya area to be transferred to Kiev:

Lena (1st from the left), Misha (3rd from the right)


Irina from Odessa and Artyom from Slavyansk,

visited us during New Year celebration. Artyom

will back next week to spend his vacation with us.

Our 6 boys from Dzerzhinsk are doing good.

Now, we are working on a process of transferring

for 2 of them: Igor Ermilov and Sergey Sherbina.


Artyom                                    Alexander

Other group of kids from Donetsk-1, Snezhnoe and

other orphanages are in Svyatogorsk, Donetskaya area.

We keep contact with them and try to figure out now

to who and how we can help in the future.

SOON!!! More pictures and video from boarding school


please pray for:

-New visit of boarding school January 29th;

-Transferring our kids from Makeevka;

-Raising support for my personal ministry 

(i'm raising additional funds for work in Kiev);

-Transferring Igor and Sergey to Pereyaslav;



Kostyantyn Voropayev

Director of Mentor Recruiting and Training


"It is a great honor and privilege for me to be called by God to serve orphans and equip servant leaders"        

38-050-050-40-27 Cell Ukraine      1911 Grayson Hwy, Ste 8-344

678-935-9674 Fax USA                       Grayson, GA 30017

skype: im_kostya                      







Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year-End Heartwarming Story #6 from YouthReach International

Orphaned, But Not Alone” Year-End Campaign


Six stories in six days.  Each one points to some point of impact this ministry is having – orphans, mentors, partners, staff, future leaders and then today’s last story which you’ll see below.  Thank you for following along the last 6 days and the last 12 months with the journey God has had this ministry on.  It’s been a year unlike any other and one that gives us great hope for the future as well.


We chose this “Orphaned, But Not Alone” idea as a tag line for our EOY Year Campaign because it does focus on both a reality and a hope.  With your partnership, the work of mentors on the ground in each of our countries, and of course God’s amazing grace, hope is being delivered daily to children with no parents and no families.  It’s an exciting journey we’re on and we thank you for sharing it with us.


Given all you’ve heard and read the last 6 days, prayerfully respond as the Lord so leads/enables you to via the following means:


1.  Click on the Donate Now Button below to make a pledge or the year ahead or a special gift of your choosing:



2.  Text to pledge by doing the following on your wireless device:


·         Text  the word youthreachintl to 41444

·         When you receive a text in response, click on the hyperlink to fulfill the pledge or special gift


3.  Send a check to:


                YouthReach International
                1911 Grayson Hwy

                Suite 8-344

                Grayson, GA  30017


Under the banner of Less Is More, I’ll hold off much commentary apart from the video itself.  Click on Day 6 below and we’ll leave it at that.



And with that, Happy New Year to each of you and here’s to God’s desires for us, our families, our nations, and of course orphans being more fully realized in 2015.


Thank you,

Rob on behalf of all the YouthReach International Family



Rob Browne

Executive Director
Chief Encourager

678-935-0220 ext. 103

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